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Write God's word daily & hear what He is whispering in your heart

The October 2021 Prayer Journal delves into the gold nuggets of God's truth found in the book of Isaiah.

Each day of the month is given a two-page spread where you can freely write your praise and gratitude as well as capture your daily prayer needs.

Writing out His Word daily is like writing His Word into the very fabric of your mind and soul.

Read the Word. Write the Word. Memorize the Word. Believe the Word and you will never be the same.

In addition to the daily journal pages, the Prayer Journal features:

  • A beautiful monthly calendar to log your appointments.
  • A weekly schedule to help you plan your time wisely.
  • Daily journaling pages which include a place to write your gratitude list.
  • Goal planning pages to help you achieve your dreams
  • A prayer request & answer page to help you see God’s faithfulness.
  • Reflection pages for planning and evaluating your month and much more.

Why waste another day? Live with intention and purpose. Your life -- your one precious life matters to God. Live and write your best life story.

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